A home inspection is usually associated with the selling or buying of any home that has been previously lived in. Homebuyers want to get an inspection to make sure the asking price is justified and that the home is safe. If you have had a brand new home built, you should still have an inspection before the builder’s warranty expires. 

How Home Buyers Can Benefit From a Builder’s Warranty Inspection

Many people prefer to purchase a newly-built house. They like that everything is brand new and hasn’t experienced wear and tear yet. Buying new construction lets you customize the layout, materials, and features. 

New homeowners need to take advantage of a 1-year warranty from their builder. These standard warranties are given by reputable builders who will cover the costs of damage related to a home they built. A builder’s warranty inspection has to be ordered before or within the 11th month. Let’s take a look at some advantages of this inspection. 

1. The Warranty Expires After a Year

Although the construction process may have seemed slow, the first year in your new home is going to fly by. The builder usually provides a warranty on certain components that only lasts for the first 12 months you live there. The inspection should be ordered within the 11th month of that year. This is a homeowner’s final opportunity to request that the builder fix any problems related to the initial construction for free. After the first year passes, you’re responsible for any expenses related to these issues. There’s no good reason to forgo an inspection that can bring light to necessary repairs.

2. A Builder’s Warranty Inspection is an Opportunity to Save Money

Hiring an independent home inspector might seem like a trivial expense after spending so much money on your new dream home. However, a builder’s warranty inspection can help avoid costs further down the road. Even if you had an inspection before you move in, problems might arise after you have been living there for a few months. Depending on the problem, it’s likely that the overall cost for repairs and maintenance will be more than the price for a the home inspection. 

You can avoid all of these expenses if these problems are learned about within that first year. Think of a builder’s home inspection as a minimal investment to prevent future problems. If a professional inspector notices any issues during their assessment, you can file a warranty claim. If there aren’t any problems found, you can rest assured that your home is safe for your family.

3. Secure a Profitable Future Sale

The condition of your home is a major factor that goes into determining its market value. If there are structural issues that were around since the home’s construction, you could lose a significant portion of your home’s resale potential. Requesting a warranty inspection can help you get higher offers if you ever decide to sell your home.

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