Keeping your home safe involves more than just guarding against intruders. Fire is a real danger, so it’s important to know a few common fire safety tips. Practicing these tips will help you protect your home and family from the devastation that a residential fire can cause.

Fire Safety Tips for the Home Begin With Smoke Alarms

A single smoke alarm is not sufficient for most properties. You should have one smoke alarm on each floor of the home. There should also be a smoke alarm inside and outside of each bedroom. Test the alarms every month and change the batteries every year or as needed. While it may be frustrating to have the alarms go off when cooking, never disable them. Instead, install your kitchen smoke alarm about 10 feet away from your cooking appliances.

1. Buy Fire Extinguishers

No list of fire safety tips would be complete without recommending fire extinguishers. They should be tested at least once every six months, which is a free service offered by most fire departments. Your local fire department can also advise you on the best types of extinguishers for your home. Have extinguishers available in your home to put out small fires that would otherwise spread. Buy fire extinguishers for your home and learn how to use them.

2. Teach Your Children About Fire

Most kids are fascinated by fire, which explains why children under 5 years of age are responsible for starting over 100,000 fires each year. Talk to your children about the dangers of fire. Make sure your kids know how to respond in case of a fire. Develop a fire escape plan from the house and have them practice the stop, drop and roll response to clothing catching fire.

3. Creating an Escape Plan Is an Important Fire Safety Tip

When reviewing fire safety tips for the home with your family, it’s important to discuss escape plans. When creating your escape plans, develop two escape routes from each bedroom. Everyone should know their escape routes and where to meet upon leaving the home. Have your family practice escaping via these routes with a fire drill. This will help them become familiar with the plan.

4. Reinforce the Importance of Communication

Another point to consider in reviewing fire safety tips is how the family will communicate during the emergency. Decide who will be responsible for getting younger children to safety and where the family will meet. Every family member with a cell phone should call 911 as soon as they’re safe. Make sure each family member knows to go directly to the meeting site so it can be verified that everyone made it safely out of the home.

Even if you’re diligent in following proper fire safety rules, there’s no guarantee that a fire won’t occur. Review these tips frequently to stay prepared and respond to fire without panicking.

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