When having a new home built, you want to trust your builder to deliver a quality and sound house. Unfortunately, it’s possible for any builder to make mistakes, which can be at the cost of the homeowner. If you’re building a new home, there are a few main reasons you should schedule a new construction inspection before you move onto the property.

1. Protect Your Financial Investment By Scheduling a New Construction Inspection

You could end up paying for your builder’s mistakes if they’re not discovered early enough. Without an inspection, you may buy a house that has issues which can affect its quality and appeal. When you build a house, you’re investing a significant amount of money into the project. With a new construction inspection, you can prevent the house from decreasing in value if substantial problems are present. At this point, the builder is still responsible for fixing problems that arise, so you won’t need to deal with them later.

2. Make Sure the Home is Safe With a New Construction Inspection

Your safety is likely one of your top priorities, and you should be safe at home. Certain problems can put your family at risk after you move into the building, like a water leak that causes mold to grow or an electrical fire hazard. If you schedule a new construction inspection, you can have peace of mind knowing the house is in excellent condition and is safe to inhabit. If any issues are present, the builder will make the necessary repairs before you move in.

3. Boost the Resale Value

You can boost the resale value of your new home when you schedule a new construction inspection, because it helps existing issues get the attention they need. If your home has defects that aren’t discovered, you’ll make less of a profit once it’s time to sell it in the future. By keeping the builder accountable for the quality of work they perform, the house will attract more buyers when the time comes to sell. You may also have more negotiating power once you receive an offer.

4. Prevent Spending More Money Later

You don’t want to invest more money into your house fixing things once it’s completed. Some people end up having to pay for more repairs because they fail to schedule a new construction inspection before they move in. When you have documented problems to show the builder before the final walkthrough, you can request repairs.

5. A New Construction Inspection Reduces Stress

It can be stressful to deal with flooding in your bathroom or lights that don’t work once you get settled in your new home. When getting a new construction inspection, you won’t have to deal with construction problems that can become worse over time. You can focus more of your attention on decorating and getting settled in the house rather than having to replace materials and fix features in the building.

Although it takes time and money to get a new construction inspection, it can help you have a better experience when building a new home. Hire a third-party inspector to complete an inspection before the builder’s final walkthrough.

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