How to Organize Your Garage

If you have a garage, you know how challenging it is to keep it organized. It is easy to toss something in the garage that needs to be repaired and then forget about it. Over time, it can become a cluttered mess. Here are three tips to help organize your garage.

Tip 1: Sort

Sort through everything when you organize your garage. This may take a while, so set aside an entire day or even a weekend if you have a full garage. Throw away garbage or broken items and then sort the rest into bins or piles that you will keep or give away.

Group all like items such as tools, toys, and decorations together. Once you can see everything you have, it is easier to figure out how to organize your garage.

Tip 2: Get Rid of Things

When you sort through the contents of your garage, you will probably find things you forgot you had and will never use. Get rid of worn toys the kids have grown out of, old kitchen appliances covered in dust, and sports equipment in poor condition.

There are also items that should not be stored in a garage, such as paper plates (which attract unwanted pests), paint (which high and low temperatures can ruin), and second refrigerators (which need climate control to operate efficiently).

Tip 3: Organize Your Garage

Once you have narrowed down and sorted the contents of the garage, it’s time to organize it. Shelves, bins, and hooks provide usable vertical space. Organize tools with a pegboard. Keep objects off the floor as much as possible. Boxes on the floor attract dirt and are difficult to clean around. If you plan on storing a lawnmower and gasoline, add a fire extinguisher for safety reasons.

It requires dedication to sort, discard, and organize the items that have lingered in your garage for so long, but the results are well worthwhile. You will have more room to park your cars and set up a workspace. Yard maintenance will be easier now that your equipment is tidy. Kids can grab toys without you having to search for them. An organized garage will simplify your life.

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