In most real estate transactions, the buyer will have a professional home inspection performed after the contract is signed. Depending on the findings, the buyer may ask the seller to have repairs made, to replace the defective materials, or for a monetary credit. This affects the seller’s net proceeds and they may ultimately earn less money for the house. When selling your home, prepare yourself with a pre-listing home inspection.

Make More on the Sale With a Pre-Listing Home Inspection

Your pre-listing inspection report will list all defects and safety hazards found in the home. Talk with your real estate agent to decide which issues to address. Fixing problems before listing will give you an advantage. You may be able to list the house at a higher price because you are selling a home that is free of major issues and safety concerns.

When it comes time for the buyer’s inspection, there will be fewer, if any, issues found. This eliminates further negotiations.

Time, Options, and Flexibility to Make Repairs

Ordering a pre-listing inspection gives you more time to decide which repairs are necessary, get quotes from various contractors, and have the repairs completed on your own schedule.

When a buyer orders a home inspection and requests that the repairs be done before closing, it doesn’t give the seller much time. There are typically only a few weeks between the inspection and closing. This can put pressure on the seller to get the issues resolved quickly, which usually costs more.

A Pre-Listing Home Inspection Eliminates Surprises

Eliminating surprises for both the seller and the buyer is important in any real estate transaction. If defects and safety issues are found during the buyer’s inspection, the buyer may consider backing out of the contract. It can also shock the seller if the issues found are more costly to fix than anticipated.

Ordering a pre-listing home inspection can help you sell your home for more money, with fewer surprises, and with less stress. Hire a home inspector before putting your house on the market.

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