With warmer weather to enjoy, you and your family will be spending more time outdoors. Take precautions to maintain a safe and healthy home so you can have an accident-free summer.

A Safe and Healthy Home Includes Swimming Pool Precautions

To keep your property safe this summer, make sure the gate to the pool has a secure latch. Install a pool alarm to alert you if anyone enters the water. Teach children to never use the pool unless an adult is present. Enroll family members in first aid and CPR classes to know that everyone is well-trained in case of an accident.

Heat Exhaustion

People regulate body temperature by sweating. However, in extreme heat, the body can lose too much water and salt, leading to heat exhaustion. When the summer sun is hot, take extra care to keep family members hydrated. Provide shade on the deck, especially for children, pets, and the elderly, with an awning, canopy, or patio umbrella. Look for signs of heat exhaustion, including pale skin, weakness, muscle cramps, and dizziness or fainting.

Be Safe Around the Fire

Every year, children are injured around fire pits. Teach your children about fire safety and show them how to stay at least 10 feet away from a fire or grill. Never leave kids unattended around flames. Familiarize yourself with the fire extinguisher and teach everyone in the home how to properly use the device.

Carbon Monoxide and Grilling

Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless gas that is produced by cars and fuel-burning appliances. The gas is dangerous, causing dizziness, headaches, weakness, stomach aches, confusion, and even death. Use care when grilling. Keep the grill in an open and well-ventilated area. Never use a grill, generator, or any fuel-powered tools indoors. Have carbon monoxide detectors in the home and make sure their batteries work.


You may use pesticides or herbicides for garden and lawn upkeep. Many of these products are toxic. Store these chemicals in a locked cabinet, out of reach of children. Always keep household chemicals and cleaning products in their original containers. If an accident happens, you will know what chemical you’re dealing with.

Keep a Safe and Healthy Home by Blocking Windows

When the weather is nice, you may be tempted to open the windows to enjoy the fresh air. If you have young children in the house, don’t open the window more than four inches. Curious children may want to look outside and tumble out. An insect screen will not prevent a fall. Install window guards that block the opening, making the home safer for children.

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